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Equifest Future Stars Competition

Set to be a new feature at Equifest, the Equifest Future Stars Competition encourages entrants to showcase their unique relationship with their horse/s in a creative, meaningful and entertaining way while deepening the level of equine talent in the industry.

This competition is open to Amateur and Professional Trainers; however, the Horse entered must be new to equine entertainment and cannot have featured in an equine event's Nightshow before.

Entrants will need to create a 4-5 minute freestyle routine, to their choice of music, showcasing the abilities of both horse and trainer. It is encouraged to use props and costumes to aid your performance.

The cost to enter is $200 and includes the two mentoring sessions with Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship, as well as a 3-day event ticket to Equifest. Camping, yarding, ground & admin fees are additional. An invoice will be sent if you are successful.

Prize Money 1st - $1000 (plus rug) 2nd - $500 3rd - $250 

To make your application process smooth, please have images and videos ready to upload along with details of your performance. 

Application: close on 18 September, and you will be notified shortly after. 


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