Equifest Nightshows

Two nights of evening entertainment will make sure your weekend at Equifest really is a celebration of all things equine.

Equifest's Nightshows are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat with thrills and spills, breathtaking performances all showcasing and celebrating our diverse equine industry. 

Horse dressed in lights

Friday Nightshow

Friday’s Festival of Speed - Supported by Fixine for Equine

The stage is set for speed, epic rivalry and fierce competition. Friday's Nightshow will feature two classes of action-packed jumping in the Indoor Arena. First up is the Pony Speed 1.15m, followed by the Horse Speed 1.25m. 

Then be prepared as some of New Zealand's top Polo players take the field for a thrilling match of bravery and horsepower showcased in the two aside Polo match.

Horse jumping

Saturday Nightshow

Saturday’s Festival of MagicSupported by Equitak Excel

Saturday's Nightshow features all the glamour and high flying acrobatic entertainment as incredible equine performers take to the arena. Stunning costumes, magical lights and unique skills will create lasting memories. 

Combing liberty, trick riding, circus performers, vaulting and acrobatics, barrel racing and even a miniature and a dog, there's something for everyone.

Horse rearing

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