Equifest Nightshows

Two nights of evening entertainment will make sure your weekend at Equifest really is a celebration of all things equine.

Following two sold-out nightshows last year, Equifest will again entertain and delight crowds with two spectacular nightshows. 

Friday’s Festival of Speed

Brought to you by Fixine for Equine

Friday’s Festival of Speed, brought to you by Fixine for Equine includes pony and horse speed classes where power, accuracy and control are required. After your first day at Equifest top it off by sitting back and watching the thrilling sport of showjumping heightened by the awesome atmosphere of the indoor arena. 

Then watch and cheer as pony power takes over and the pocket-rocket miniatures take to the course for a fun and exciting steeplechase competition. 

Saturday’s Festival of Fun

In special Saturday nightshow fashion, the evening will be a celebration of some of New Zealand's best equine performers. Favourites Bex and Ellie will have you laughing out loud at their fun and charming antics and Ellie will also give a solo performance with her standout Kaimanawa Mars.
If you love speed then the fast, furious and skilful Scurrying Competition will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

Dancing duo Sandy Stanway and Tony Aitken will showcase not only their own dancing abilities but those of their beautiful Arabic horses. Prepare to be in awe of the power and grace of crystal friesian Xodo as he perfroms a Grand Prix musical freestyle. Thrown in the middle is the New Zealand Barrel Racing Championship where riders race against the clock, following a course consisting of three barrels in a triangular cloverleaf pattern.

Equifest’s Saturday Nightshow showcases the unique skills and bond between horse and rider, and the remarkable trainability of horses and their cooperation to perform. 


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