Victoria Wall

Discipline: Sport Horse Nutritional Management

Growing up with a father who owns a nutrition company (In-Sync Minerals), has meant that Victoria has had a passion for nutrition from a young age. Travelling overseas in her twenties she worked managing high-performance Polo, Show Jumping and Eventing stables, working her way up from groom and rider positions to management roles.

An association with Alltech and attending research symposiums lead to a fascination with how we can support horses creatively from a nutritional perspective and how powerful this is. This lead to the development of her brand and company Elite Equine Nutrition.

Victoria has ridden and competed in 4* 3 Day Eventing, and is currently a representative Grand Prix Dressage rider who was shortlisted for the Tokyo Olympics. 

With a passion for breeding, Victoria is also proud to have bred the first NZ bred licensed stallion into the European Rheinland studbook and has a mare awarded NZ's first Elite Performance Mare title and won 2 National Rheinland Foal awards.

Victoria encourages audience participation, and think context is very important when assessing information. She is keen to respond directly to what people want help with, and would encourage a discussion like environment, so bring your questions. 

Key learnings to take away from Victoria's sessions:

  • Sport Horse Nutritional Management and Trouble Shooting
  •  Horses are uniquely individual 
  • Nutritional resources that are available and how to best utilize them

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