Vicki Wilson

Discipline: Rehabilitation, Jumping & Horsemanship

Vicki Wilson was riding not long after she could walk. She was given a Shetland pony at the age of two, started competitive showjumping at 15, and began working full time with horses when she was about 17 years old on the family farm in the far north of New Zealand.

After working her way up from local gymkhanas, Vicki has now won more awards at the New Zealand Horse of the Year show than any other rider in history. Winning the World Cup in 2014 took her showjumping career to another level, and she’s now one of New Zealand’s most successful riders. Vicki has represented her country in the winning Trans-Tasman Young Rider team three times and has also competed under the New Zealand flag in Europe with many wins and placings.

Vicki now travels the world to educate and entertain. She has performed all over New Zealand and Australia in bridle-free, bareback stunts. She has jumped to 1.82m bareback and 1.95 in a saddle in Puissance events. As one of the three ‘Wilson Sisters’, Vicki runs the much-loved Showtym horse camp with her sisters and has co-starred in television documentaries and the hit series, Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, about New Zealand’s wild horses.

Outside of the competition arena, Vicki is one of the country's top horse trainers. She has a special talent for working with ‘difficult’ horses and can start any young horse in any discipline from western to dressage to the domestication of wild horses. She is hugely proud of her work with the local Kaimanawa wild horses, the wild brumbies of Australia and American mustangs. Vicki has started hundreds of young horses and has a very specific philosophy that puts the welfare of the horse first and produces “a happy horse that loves its work”.

In the wake of her success in 2017 at Road to the Horse, Vicki took to Alltech Arena once again to defend her World Championship of Colt Starting title at the Road to the Horse 2018. Vicki was competing against two former Road to the Horse champions, this time starting two colts instead of one. Vicki cemented her place as one of the world’s most highly respected horsewomen after winning for the second time running. Vicki now holds the title of double World Champion of Colt Starting

In Vickis world there is no such thing as a problem or naughty horse, Just a horse that has a problem- painful symptoms that are the hidden cause of that unwanted behavior.

Every horse needs to be treated like an athlete, both physically and mentally. We need to give them the tools for them to succeed in life.In these clinics we will look at a couple of problem and sore horses and walk through issues in their body and how we would go about helping the horse going forward.

Key learnings to take away from Vicki's sessions:

  • The road to recovery- Rehabbing a injured/sore horse
  • How to identify I have a sore horse
  • Is my horse in balance? How to achieve a horse that works in relaxation and in the correct outline to build muscle.
Vicky Wilson with horse

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