Sue & Sarah Court

Discipline: Equine Assisted Therapy

Sue and Sarah Court are qualified Counsellors who both have life-long experience in handling and riding horses. Sue has qualified in Equine Assisted Therapy through the Institute of Equine Psychotherapy (Australia). 

They currently work in a rural practice just outside Raglan, taking clients individually and in small groups, leading them in personal growth learning and counselling with horses. Both Sarah and Sue hold doctorates from New Zealand and Australian universities in other disciplines.

At Earthhorse Aotearoa we provide therapy to people in the presence of horses, bringing clients to healthy connection with their deeper selves. Equine Assisted Therapy, which is both new and been around for as long as humans and horses have shared space, is an effective therapeutic process enhanced by horses who generously offer their presence and healing. Because horses process everything they experience honestly and within the present moment, they model healthy ways of being and act as perfect mirrors for clients' emotional states, through which people integrate emotions and thoughts.

learnings to take away from Sarah and Sue's sessions:

  • A perspective on equine-assisted counselling in practice. Sue and Sarah address what it is about horses that suit them to this work, what our therapeutic principles are, and how we put them into practice.
  • What it heals and who it helps: covering the main issues that people come seeking help with and indicating how equine-assisted therapeutic work can interact with people experiencing emotional challenges such as anxiety, grief, depression, relationship issues, etc.
Jody Hartstone on horse

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