Steve Houston

Discipline: Horsemanship Specialising in Sport Horses for Top Level

In the early years of horse training, Steve spent most of his time travelling in the USA and Canada, attending horsemanship clinics with Ray Hunt, Robin Hahn, Bryan Neubert, Sid Cook, Jim Briggs and Buck Brannaman. His time with these top Horsemen led him on to future employment in the equestrian industry with Jim, Sid and Robin - Jim is a very talented horseman and Sid was a student of the famous horseman Tom Dorrance. Robin Hahn had a lifetime of equestrian career achievements: he is a multiple Olympian, Pan American Games team member and a multiple Canadian 3-Day Event Champion, he was also the captain of the team that won gold in 1971 Pan American Games. To say that a young Steve was inspired, would be an understatement. He never took his time with these great men for granted and what he learnt with them continues in his horse-training methods today.

Since 1996, Steve has now started more than 3000 horses under saddle, many of which have gone on to be ridden in all disciplines, from Top Level Eventing, Grand Prix Show Jumping, Grand Prix Dressage, Polo and Western.

In later years Steve also developed a passion for Warmbloods and with his Show Jumping and Horse Training partner Kate Cavanagh, they have been breeding and producing horses from top European Sport Horse Bloodlines.

Equifest is a great opportunity for Steve to share with a wider audience, just how important it is to give horses a great foundation in their training - right from the very beginning and to demonstrate how this can be done.

Key learnings to take away from Steve's sessions:

  • Steve's main aim is to produce calm, confident and well-mannered horses, by installing a foundation that creates a cooperative and trusting relationship between horse and rider. 
  • This foundation is essentially showing a horse how to move its feet... where to move its feet...and when to move its feet... and the many ways this becomes useful in every aspect of the horses training and development.

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