Sophie Hargreaves

Discipline: Rider Physio

Originally from the UK, Sophie came to New Zealand in 1984. She graduated from Otago University as a Human Physiotherapist in 1990 and further trained as an Equine Physiotherapist in the UK a year later. She continues to undertake ongoing training for both horses and humans to keep her knowledge and skills completely up to date, including training with Lindsay Wilcox- Reid in Equipilates™. Sophie is an Advanced Equipilates™ Biomechanics Registered Trainer and hosts regular clinics.

In 2014 Sophie made the decision to follow her passion in physio specifically for riders and their horses. Combining her knowledge of physio and biomechanics with her love of movement analysis, she has been able to take advantage of her years of personal experience in several equestrian
disciplines together with her professional equine physio knowledge to offer a unique service to the equine community. Sophie is also an ESNZ para classifier.

Awareness! Most of us are not aware of how we move our body or how our past injuries influence the movement of our horse. Often what we think we are doing with our bodies is not the same as what we are actually doing. Our balance & weight can enhance our horse's movement but equally subtle imbalances will inhibit our horses movement creating compensatory movement patterns. What horse rider hasn't had an injury at some point? Come and find out how you can tell if you're aware of your own imbalances. Awareness is the first step towards being a better rider.

Key learnings to take away from Sophie's sessions:

  • How balanced is your riding and how does it affect your horse
  • Why doesn't "sit up straight heels down work" for you or your horse
Ellie Harrison with horse

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