Sonia Duncan

Discipline: Trick & Stunt riding

It was an ad in the local paper that first attracted Sonia to her life-long passion of trick and stunt riding. Part of a team of four for years, Sonia then taught her own horses and did displays around NZ. 

She has ridden and performed in TV programmes and movies; including Liv Tylers riding stunt double in The Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship, TV series The Tribe, with her thoroughbred where Antonia Prebble rode her and Trick Riding in the touring horse show, The Man from Snowy River in Australia.

Come along and see trick riding and see how its done up close and in person. Trick riding is an equestrian sport that the Americans have been done since at least the 40's & 50's.

The tricks have come from the Circus, Russian Cossacks and the Mounted Calvery and been put together for entertainment. Its not commonly seen in NZ & not many of us do it here. 

Jody Hartstone on horse

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