Sarah Milne

Discipline: Sports Psychology 

Sarah Milne is a multifaceted equestrian. She has ridden to Olympic squad level and won national championships in every discipline. More importantly, she has coached riders across all disciplines with her positive, solution-focused training. Sarah has a Masters Degree in Psychology with a strong sports focus and runs courses designed to help people develop and channel their equestrian sports psychology skills. 

Sarah’s life is immersed with horses, from breeding Olympic representatives and Olympic Cup Show Jumping and Eventing champions, starting young horses, to attending competitions to support riders she teaches. She loves learning more about ways to improve our relationships with horses including optimizing our mental skills. Sarah teaches privately from her home at PekaPeka and also travels throughout the country. She is in demand as a coach in Japan, Canada, USA and Australia as well as her home country New Zealand. She launched for horse horse riders in 2021.

Sarah's sessions are for attendees who feel that fear limits their relationship with their horses should attend this seminar.

Key learnings to take away from Sarah's sessions:

  • If you are interested in riding with more confidence, overcoming areas of nervousness or fear, this is the course for you! 
  • In this seminar we will investigate one technique of replacing fear with confidence. If you buy you will get the whole suite of techniques.
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