Sarah Milne

Discipline: Sports Psychology 

Sarah Milne has been a successful competitor, trainer and breeder of elite competition horses. She also has a strong academic foundation having a Masters Degree in Psychology. This combined background has led her to become very interested in the psychology of horse riding - including why some riders succeed and thrive while others struggle. 

Sarah has developed a course that can help riders of all levels deal with fear and learn to fly on its wings to produce uplifting performances.

Sarah's sessions are for attendees who feel that fear limits their relationship with their horses should attend this seminar. It can be fear at any level - from patting a horse all the way through to being fearful to attend a competition for fear of failure

Key learnings to take away from Sarah's sessions:

  • 'Horse Riding for Chickens' - a Course designed to help horse riders who areapprehensive about horse riding remodel theirfear into successful strategies that will helpthem achieve more success with their horses.
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