Sarah Linton

Discipline: Saddle Fitting

Sarah was practically born on a horse with horse mad parents in the UK. She has attended pony club and competed in dressage, showjumping and eventing up until mid-teens. She also used to ride racehorses as her father had an owner trainer license so did track work before school. 

She has been a full time Equine Therapist and Independent Saddle Fitting Assessor for over 12 years full time (and part time before that) and involved in natural therapies for over 35 years. She was one of the first therapists in NZ to professionally promote professional bodywork on endurance horses and also educate them about saddle fitting. She has had many North Island and national champions as clients. She traveled to France to the 2014 World Equestrian Games with the NZ Endurance team as the official team therapist working on horses and riders. 

Sarah was the NZ course organizer for the internationally recognized Equinology courses for many years. She has given many demos on Saddle Fitting and Gait assessment and Massage Moves all around the country. Unfortunately, at the end of 2016 Sarah had a freak accident that changed her life. She has spent the last 3 1/2 trying to get back to work that she loves - helping horses and their owners.

Sarah applies many different bodywork techniques such as Equine Sports Massage, Stretching, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, & Light Therapy - top name a few. Sarah works with all breeds & disciplines - from minis to racehorses, show jumpers to pleasure horses and everything in between.

As an experienced equine bodyworker of over 25 years, Sarah can read a horse's body with a skilled eye and hands to discover and pinpoint soreness and other issues. "Looking at the horse and rider holistically as a whole is an essential part of resolving these issues – most especially with saddle fitting," says Sarah. 

Understanding how horses bodies change shape, and learning to look for signs of soreness, is something that all owners can learn the basics of. Working with real horses, join Sarah to learn how to do a few massage moves and stretches. 

Key learnings to take away from Sarah's sessions:

  • What to look for in soreness in the horse and common areas
  • Signs of soreness and massage moves

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