Sara Bagheri

Discipline: Vet Sports Medicine & Rehab

Sara trained at the Royal Veterinary College, London and after spending time in mixed practices in the UK, she emigrated to New Zealand and set up her base in Christchurch. Despite the earthquakes she remained and spent time as a locum in small animal and equine practices while undertaking study in Europe in her chosen subjects. 

She attended the Western Veterinary Acupuncture training in 2014 and the Essentials of Veterinary Chiropractic at the IAVC in the UK/Germany in 2016, and from here the idea of a diversified vet clinic was born. While she didn’t want to leave veterinary medicine behind, she felt there was so much more that could be offered to owners and their animals to incorporate more holistic practices with regular veterinary knowledge and treatments. 

Sara found that for some owners, traditional vetting didn’t provide all of the answers and treatment outcomes, and the world of holistic services was riddled with confusing and sometimes false claims of success in treating certain conditions. From this dilemma, Zoominals Sports Vet was developed into the service it is today, offering advice and provision of sports medicine, biomechanics and rehabilitative services and a diversified approach to veterinary care, and training in multiple modalities for vets, animal health professionals and owners. 

Sara's presentations are interactive and involve topics that are are pertinent to all horse owners. She encourages attendees to come along with questions for discussion as she will address some of the commonly seen issues in her field of veterinary sports medicine, biomechanics and rehabilitation. 

Sara sessions will provide you with take-home steps to follow with your own horses, no matter what discipline, so that performance and welfare of your horses can be optimised.

Key learnings to take away from Sara's sessions:

  • Biomechanics and the importance of the thoracic sling in self-carriage and collection
  • Poor performance and behaviour-how are they interlinked
  • Discussion of common veterinary findings and how they relate and can be addressed with a diversified approach
  • Pillars for equine health - simple steps to maintaining health and performance
  • Biometric gait analysis and how this can improve early detection of injury and guide personalised training/rehabilitation plans.
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