Sandy Stanway

Discipline: Horsemanship & Liberty Horse Training

Sandy has been involved with horses since she was seven, competing and enjoying a range of disciplines. She has bred, trained, ridden and shown Arabian horses (her favourite breed) to National level. She loves spending her time riding down the beach, hacking out all over the place and doing dressage and cowboy challenge.

Her passion for Natural Horsemanship developed when she went looking for a way to improve her performance as well as better ways to train the young horses she was breeding. She has spent years studying Natural Horsemanship and has years of experience teaching adults having spent much of her career as a corporate trainer. Deciding to combine her passions for horses and teaching adults, Sandy travelled to the USA over several years to train and become qualified as a Licensed Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor. 

She now works full time specialising in teaching people how to communicate with their horses, how to teach their horses to use their bodies in a good way and how to apply these things to different disciplines. Sandy particularly loves all aspects of horse riding and working with horses at liberty. 

"Liberty can be done by all horse lovers regardless of age or physical ability and with all breeds of horses. I find Liberty horse training enhances everything else we do with our horse. It improves your relationship, your communication and it is a heap of fun for both you and your horse", says Sandy. 
Sandy teaches all aspects of Horsemanship using the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program all over New Zealand. 

At Equifest Sandy will be providing a range of entertaining educational sessions on Liberty, working with Obstacles and Horsemanship. The purpose of these presentations is to provide you with strategies that you can take home and immediately to use to better work with your horse. 

Whether you are starting out with horses or an experienced trainer, there is something for everyone. With Sandy's strength in teaching adults her sessions won't just be interesting, they will be fun, packed full of useful techniques and interesting as hell!

Key learnings to take away from Sandy's sessions:

  • Building Confidence with Obstacles the EASY way
  • Liberty Horse Training – Starting out right through to the cool stuff! - Part 1, 2 and 3 (Depending on how many sessions I am teaching)
Bex Tasker with horse

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