Sabina Holle

Discipline: Anatomy of Dressage

Dr Sabina Holle is a veterinarian with a special interest in alternative therapies, a horse breeder, a dressage rider and an internationally accredited breed judge. She holds a veterinary degree from Germany and a PhD in Veterinary Science from Massey University. 

Horses have been part of her life from as early as 3 years of age in her native Germany, being introduced to horse riding on a circus pony and then a couple of years later having regular instructions in vaulting. As a young teenager she went through the German riding school system which included rigorous training in dressage and jumping including regular theory sessions on horse husbandry and dressage.

She continued this passion into her professional education, when she decided to study veterinary science at both Giessen and Munich veterinary school before moving to NZ.In NZ, her training was continued at Massey University both as a PhD student and then later as a research scientist in the equine science department. Concurrently, and with her husband, she set up a boutique breeding stud for purebred Spanish horses (P.R.E.). Fast forward a couple of decades, and a career both in equine education and in the animal health industry, Sabina decided to dedicate herself full time to holistic therapies and training based on biomechnic principles. 

Today Sabina runs 3 equine businesses: Hanna PRE Stud, breeding P.R.E. horses, SH Acupuncture, Therapies and Training, her TCVM based equine health business and more recently Equinimity Limited, a new Waikato based company that was set up specifically to help educate riders and trainers about the biomechanic basis of correct training. Under the heading of TACKSHEDTALKS, she brings regular face-to-face seminars to the equestrian community, covering various aspects of horse training that relate horse anatomy and biomechanics to dressage & training principles and thereby explaining aspects such as "thoroughness" "contact" "diagonal aids" that were handed down to us by well established training scales, and how they lead to a correctly working horse that can maintain its health for many years. 

Sabina firmly believes that good horse husbandry, including horse training and riding that is fair to the horse, and puts the horse and its physical and mental well-being first needs to be based on a proper theoretical understanding of the principles of training and the biomechanics of correct horse movement. If you want to learn more about the details of biomechanics and why certain approaches work better than others, why a horse will stay sound and free from fatigue or over stress related injuries with certain training methods come and attend her seminars.

Key learnings to take away from Sabina's sessions:

  • An introduction to the MindBody method on the ground 
  • An introduction to the MindBody method in thesaddle
  • Personal development
  • Basic psychology of the horse and human 
  • Mindfulness and awareness 
  • Releasing tension and or trauma 
  • Creating relaxation, rhythm and balance
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