Russell Higgins

Discipline: Horsemanship

Russell has been teaching horsemanship clinics and starting young horses professionally since 1999. Starting as one of Pat Parelli's apprentices in Colorado. Russell has continued his education with other great horsemen such as Buck Brannaman, Martin Black and Pedro Neves. To date he has taught in 18 different countries and started young horses on four continents.

He recently featured in the iconic New Zealand television series "Country Calender" and has written for New Zealand Horse and Pony Magazine. He is based at Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre, his purpose-built facility that he owns and runs with his partner Ruth Carlyle. They both trained in natural horsemanship and continue to learn with respected horsemen and women from all disciplines.

Russell is passionate about helping horses and humans to understand each other better. It is no surprise that many people come along to his clinics or send him and Ruth horses for training because the dream that they had with horses has turned into a nightmare. "People lose confidence, horses lose confidence, they lose confidence in each other and their relationship is in a downward spiral", says Russell.

Whether you would like your young horse started naturally, you are just starting out with natural horsemanship or are looking to progress your skills Russell's sessions has something that will help you. It is not just about “techniques”. 

It is about understanding how horses actually learn and helping them to develop new behaviours that will serve them better in our domestic world.

Key learnings to take away from Russell's sessions:

  • Feel safe with your horse
  • Have fun with your horse
  • Become excellent for your  horse

The good news is that it is possible to learn these skills. You don't have to be a professional horse-person or have competition goals; anyone can learn to read their horse and be the leader that their horse needs.

Russell Higgins with two horses

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