Russell Higgins

Discipline: Horsemanship

Russell grew up on Brumby Farm, his parent's property in the Bay of Islands. Being a former horse trekking business there were always horses around and it was early in life that Russell discovered his love for them. Like a lot of NZ kids Russell rode extensively around neighbouring farms and only after he’d ridden for three years was he introduced to the rather strange concept of riding with a saddle. Games days, gymkhana, long treks, beach races and riding camps ensued.

It was in his 20's that Russell decided, despite advice to the contrary, to seek a career with horses. He started with an Equine qualification at the Waikato Polytech and then pursued an educational pathway with Natural Horsemanship which lead him to live and work on a cattle station in Australia before moving to Colorado to take up an apprenticeship with Pat Parelli.

Since then Russell has continued his education with other great horsemen such as Buck Brannaman, David Weaver, Martin Black (USA), Pedro Neves (Portugal) and others. Teaching and studying internationally each year.

The connection Russell gains with his horses at Liberty is a by-product of his Foundation programme. Russell has been teaching horsemanship clinics and starting young horses professionally since 1999. To date he has taught in 18 different countries and started young horses on four continents.

Russell, along with his partner Ruth, owns and runs Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre in Te Awamutu along with offering On-Line education to students around the world.

Last year was the first time in 20 years that Russell spent a winter in New Zealand, For him Eqifest is a great opportunity to increase his focus on New Zealand students as well as his own horses. "Here's to silver linings", says Russell.

Key learnings to take away from Russell's sessions:

  • Bridle-less riding; Impressive or foolhardy?
  • Russell will share with you why it is part of his Foundation programme and the real reason behind it.
  • How to develop bridle-less riding, the four keys of bride-less riding.
  • How it improves both safety and performance.
Russell Higgins with two horses

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