Nadine Vollmerg

Discipline: Masterson Method® - Equine Integrated Bodywork

Growing up in Germany, Nadine had the pleasure and privilege of spending my teenage years at large stables with a variety of brood mares, show jumpers, dressage and pleasure horses. Nadine and her sister had their own Horse and also other Horses to ride and look after. 

Nadine says she was highly competitive, bringing home many ribbons, not necessarily paying much attention to the horses' feelings and wellbeing. "Looking back I realised how much the horses had given me and how they had kept me sane, simply by being congruent and present when people around me weren't", says Nadine. 

Since 2010 she has made it her mission to give back to Horses and 2016 says she finally found her true calling with The Masterson Method®. The Masterson Method® is a very interactive, practical and effective type of bodywork that everyone can learn to release tension and deepen the relationship with horses by observing, feeling and listening to the horses' responses. Now she teaches Masterson Method® seminars around New Zealand.

Key learnings to take away from Nadine's sessions:

  • Learn about the basic principles of The Masterson Method® and practical tips how you can become more effective in using the subtle cues from the horse to release tension patterns in their body and deepen your relationship.
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