Lucy Scott

Discipline: Veterinarian and Behaviourist

Gorwing up with horses, the only time Lucy didn't own her own horse was when she was studying. Gratuating from Massey university in 2015 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc), Lucy has been working in mixed practice until May 2021. This was when her passion for education, animal training, and welfare led her to start Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ to provide behavior consultations to pets in need.  

Lucys' passion is to help owners and their animals live alongside each other with better understanding and to help struggling animals with their fear and anxiety. When not working, you can find her at home in Raglan with her herd of horses and dog pack (led by Jiminy the cat), or competing her horse in Dressage or Working Equitation. Lucy has also just recently acquired a Lusitano x and is loving training her with science-based principles.

Key learnings to take away from Lucy's sessions:

  • How learned behaviours come about and how to prevent them, retrain them. 
  • Learning theory and how this applies to our day to day interactions with our horses, training, and development of conflict behaviours.
  • The psychology of fear and anxiety, and how we interpret behaviour. 
  • Training for calm and focus. Prevention of fear, and learning of negative associations.
Jody Hartstone on horse

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