Lizzie Maundrell

Discipline: Hoofcare

Horses have always been a passion for Lizzie, although she says the path to growing a business in the equine industry has been remarkably indirect. After graduating with a BSc Honours degree Lizzie spent time working for the UK government, but soon realized an office job was not the place for her. With this in mind, she headed off to start an exciting career in the adventure tourism industry, working her way through Canada, America, Mexico, Turkey, and finally the adventure capital of New Zealand.

New Zealand saw her dream job of working a grade 5 whitewater run whilst managing a team of trekking horses in a remote area of the North Island, however a lack of readily available, qualified farriers was the start of her journey into hoofcare. The past decade has seen Lizzie travel internationally to learn, research as well as teach hoofcare principles, whilst also being able to marry a scientific background with state of the art technologies to improve hoofcare practices, based on the horses needs.

Join Lizzie as she presents the newest technologies available to aid in improving comfort and performance from the hoof up. Explore the Werkman Black motion tracking technology and EquiGait analysis system as she demonstrates the benefits of using technology to accurately see more than what our eyes are telling us!

Key learnings to take away from Lizzie's sessions:

  •  Come and view how FormaHoof is transforming hoof pathologies such as white line disease, laminitis, and caudal heel pain, whilst using the MetronHoof software to accurately markup x-rays and photos to document progress.
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