Lisa Goodhart

Discipline: The Riders Body

Lisa said she was 'that rider' who suffered from ongoing aches and pains. Frustrated in her own dressage lessons, she often felt stiff and tight upon trying to execute instructions and felt her horse didn’t feel free in his paces either. Hemorrhaging money on frequent massages and physio sessions and exercising with Zumba and biking, she found it wasn’t helping her improve her riding.

Discovering Lindsay Wilcox-Reid in the UK and Equipilates™, Lisa immediately resonated with the specialist knowledge of human anatomy and movement of the body in the saddle. In 2018 she decided she needed to do the teacher training with Lindsay in the UK and figured others might benefit too.

The pre-requisite was a qualification to Pilates Matwork Level 3, so she found a course that met the criteria here in NZ and went for it! By the end of 2019, Lisa had qualified as an Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer, and another paper on Pilates for Equestrians from the USA. Lisa also went to Perth and trained in NeuroKinetic Therapy® a therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing.

Not letting her recent cancer diagnosis or covid lockdowns set her back, Lisa used the time and the virtual training opportunities to train in the Franklin Method®. Lisa is currently the only Franklin Method Educator in the North Island.

As riders we need to be coordinated and balanced in our own bodies, have good symmetry over our central axis and have great body awareness to be able to adequately adapt to the constant movement beneath us whilst fine-tuning our aids. We also need to be mentally focused in order to connect and communicate with our horse.

Actively learn through movement some of the key components of the Franklin Method science-based ‘mental-toolbox’ in this Rider’s Body Equifest workshop. You’ll also discover your most important joint as a rider and learn how to give it an instant upgrade.

What if someone gave you a magical science-based ‘mental-toolbox’ of techniques that could help you to re-wire your thoughts and that, when learned, make you feel more balanced, flexible and relaxed, deepen your seat, improve your posture and alignment so that you can coordinate your aids and be more effective, find more enjoyment as a rider and have a happier horse. Would you want to know more about it?

Key learnings to take away from Lisa's sessions:

  • Introducing the Franklin Method® “mental-toolbox” science-based movement training for the Smart Rider
  • Discover your most important joint as a rider and give it an instant upgrade!

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