Kirstin Kelly

Discipline: Equestrian mindset coach specialising in Dressage, Show-Jumping and Eventing

Kirstin started riding at the age of ten, working through the pony club system, competing at champs and then progressing to Horse Trials. She has lived every horsey girl’s dream since leaving school at nineteen. Kirstin studied in the U.K achieving her British Horse Society Intermediate Instructors Certificate (B.H.S.I.I) enabling her to coach riders to fund her own three-day eventing dreams. Kirstin has had a long, successful career. She represented New Zealand several times, competed at Adelaide 5 star and was long-listed for Sydney Olympics.

As well she produced a string of fantastic advanced horses, three of which went on to compete in the World Equestrian Games and Olympics. Kirstin has produced over one hundred competition horses that she exported to the U.S and U.K. Now living in Taupo, New Zealand, with her husband, Phil, and daughter, Lexi, Kirstin has recently retired from competition and spends her days coaching.

Over the last few years, Kirstin has developed an online coaching platform, where she is able to mentor riders from all around the world, always encouraging riders to give it their all, believe in themselves and make today count towards a positive difference. Kirstin has developed online workshops enabling a broad range of riders from those struggling with fear to fine-tune the competition mind to be focused, confident, resilient and optimistic.

Covid has been so difficult for so many businesses but luckily horses, sport psychology and having a growth mindset has allowed me to “ change direction, keep kicking and look for the next solution”. As I kept telling my students, except that you can’t compete, build skills, polish performance and focus on what you have - not on what you can’t do! To be able to have Equifest this year is so exciting, everyone needs a little inspiration, a bit of fun and to realise that progress makes you happy. So get out there and broaden your skills.

Key learnings to take away from Kirstin's sessions:

  • Unlock solutions to show you how to be a champion rider
  • Demonstrate the correct, balanced, secure position, ensuring your safety, effectiveness and fabulous looks
  • Build a positive mindset so you have unshakable faith in yourself
  • Show how to structure schooling sessions that build your horses skills, athleticism and desire to give you 100%.
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