Kelly Keenan

Discipline: Reining

Kelly grew up in California, riding and jumping Shetland ponies while her mother competed in Western All-Around events. When Reining became more popular in the USA, Kelly and her mother made the switch! 

From there, she was hooked and was working every weekend and school breaks at her local Reining trainer to afford her horse and lessons. "I was breaking colts and showing successfully by 14 years of age", says Kelly.

After a ten year break, she returned to the Reining scene to work for Boyle Ranch, a successful Reining program aimed toward Amateurs. Kelly received coaching from the likes of Casey Deary, Arno Honstetter, Jordan Larson and successfully coached her own clients into the winner's circle at events all over the West Coast. She then took a position at Larson Performance Horses training and learning under Jordan Larson, helping many of his Amateurs at home and in competition. 

In 2020 Kelly relocated to New Zealand to be with her partner and has been been helping Reining and Western Performance enthusiasts here in New Zealand. Kelly is helping to apply the successful formulas from the programs she had the opportunity to learn from in the USA.

Key learnings to take away from Kelly's sessions:

Kelly and the Reining Association plan to do a very fun and interactive exhibition of the reining principles and fundamentals which make reining horses so easy and pleasurable to ride, as well as certain similarities between Reining and Dressage, which can increase understanding and appreciation of the finer points of reining to those with English backgrounds. 

The session will include audience Q and A.

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