Jody Hartstone

Discipline: Dressage & Equitation Science

Jody grew up near the town of Raglan on New Zealand’s wild West Coast where she is still based now. From an early age her love for horses was clearly apparent, attending Te Uku Pony Club where she went right through the levels sitting to her A and H Certificate. She then captained the NZ Pony Club at the Interpacific Competition in Japan, giving her the taste for international travel and adventure. 

Jody spent several years after that grooming at big three day events around the world including the World and European Championships with the Irish Event Team. Her love for dressage grew when she got to ride on Belmont Golden Boy who went on to become National Champion and HOY Title holder at Inter I level. 

From there she purchased Landioso who took her on her journey into Equitation Science and introduced her to Dr Andrew McLean who has been an incredible influence to her riding and training career. She is now a member of the International Society for Equitation Science and enjoys traveling to different parts of the world to lecture and coach on aspects of behaviour modification and training.

Jody is one of the world's leading practitioners of Equitation Science. In her demonstrations she talks you through how the evidence-based scientific training using learning theory and behaviourism can make the training of our horses simple and easy for the horse and handler to understand.

Jody is a fun and engaging speaker with a love for both people and horses.

Key learnings to take away from Jody's sessions:

  • Help! My horse is not on the bit!" - using the principles of Equitation Science Jody Hartstone demystifies this topic with some insights into how to get your horse working more correctly.
  • "Spicing it up" - Jody Hartstone demonstrates how adding obstacles into your flatwork training can enrich the dressage experience for both horse and rider.
Jody Hartstone on horse

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