Jenny Pearce

Discipline: Side Saddle

Growing up in a showjumping family from South Otago its no surprise that Jenny competed in her first competition from just 4 years old. Jenny was introduced to side saddle riding when her sister found one in the rafters of an old wool shed. Jenny also found her own side saddle in the rafters of Margaret Harris’s tack room and with the help of a book she self taught herself. 

In 1991 Jenny moved to the UK for a year and was lucky enough to live down that road from Betty Skelton who was the chairperson of British Side Saddle Assoc. She took her under her wing, and in Jenny's words " fixed all my dodgy riding that I had learned from the book and encouraged me to train and qualify as a side saddle instructor". After a year Jenny headed back to NZ with Betty’s words ringing in my ears….."that I would never be an elegant rider but I was a workmanlike one”.

Back in New Zealand Jenny continued to promote side saddle over the years, both in competitions and displays. She also helped to get the Dressage NZ rules updated to clearly state that riding in a side saddle is permitted in a registered dressage competition. Jenny also breeds and competes her own horses and regardless of their discipline they have all been ridden in the side saddle at some stage. These days she describes herself as an eventer with DQ tenancies with some Side Saddle on the side.

Have you ever wondered how to ride side saddle? Well now is your chance to to view a side saddle demonstration up close and find out. Along with winning Side Saddle Horse of the Year in 2005 and multiple Reserve Champion at HOY since the classes started in 2001 Jenny is also a B Panel Instructor BSSA and a ESNZ Development Coach.

Come along and learn how ladies ride aside as well as the rather strange turnout rules they have to follow.

Key learnings to take away from Jenny's sessions:

  • Riding dressage aside
  • Jumping aside
  • Turnout aside
  • Suitable side saddle type horses

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