Holly Leach

Discipline: Dressage

FEI dressage rider Holly Leach, came from the typical ever supportive but non-horsey family. "I was that horse crazy, annoying kid ... yip that was me, stealing, asking for a ride on anyone and every type of horse imageable it didn’t matter as long as I was in there presence", says Holly.

Because her parents weren't horsy at all, Holly didn't start riding until the age of 13 and that's when her love affair for horses began.

Holly has an impressive career with highlights including Winner of the 5,6,7 yo NZ champion HP Fresco, Australia 5yo reserve champion ( HP Fresco), Sydney CDI 7yo winner ( Hp Fresco ), Boneo CDI small tour winner ( HP Fresco)and Winner of the willinga CDI 7yo ( sugarloaf Amnesty).

As an educator Holly will be talking through her system, how she sees the horses in training, making a clear dialogue between both horse and rider and creating a happy dressage horse. 

She will also cover the daily challenges we face as riders and the constant dialogue in our own head!

Key learnings to take away from Holly's sessions:

  • Dressage With a system
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding the dialogue between the horse and rider

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