Grant Mackie

Discipline: Horsemanship & Cutting

Growing up on a farm Grant has been involved with horses from a very young age as horses were used on a daily basis to assist with stock work. He attended Pony Club and has now been involved with most western riding disciplines for over 40 years, breeding, showing, training & judging.

For Grant riding a Cutting horse is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the equine world he says. "The way the horse works with cattle has been likened to an eye dog working sheep." The horse is bred to work cattle, they have so much expression which shows they love what they're doing. Quick stops/turnarounds and once the rider puts the rein hand down, the horse takes over and mirrors the beasts movements with seemingly no assistance from the rider. 

With the help of demo riders four horse and rider combinations, ranging from young and green to seasoned will show different levels of experience. 

Grant will demonstrate communication between the horse and rider to achieve a solid foundation with the focus on an introduction to Cutting utilising a mechanical cow.

Key learnings to take away from Grant's sessions:

  • Starting a cutting horse
  •  Use of the Mechanical Cow
Brian McVicar riding through water

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