Event Office
The Equifest event office is located inside the Indoor Arena. 

First Aid
If you require First Aid during Equifest, the First Aid providers are located inside the Indoor Arena next to the event office and main entrance. 

Food and Drink
There are multiple places where a wide variety of food and drink options will be available. 

Toilets are located around the NEC venue. As well as easily accessible facilities for our disabled visitors.

Lost Property
If you find any lost possessions, please hand them in to the Event Office located in the Indoor Arena. 

Health & Safety
In order to make this a safe and fun event for everyone, we ask you to take reasonable care of your own and other people’s health and safety. If you see anything you think might be a risk to your health and safety and to that of others, please report it to a member of the Equifest team or Security. 


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