Ellie O'Brien

Discipline: Foundation training

Ellie’s love for horses began with spending hours with her family Clydesdale at her grandparent’s farm, and after much begging, to her non-horsey parents, she started riding lessons at six years old. Like many kiwi kids, her early years of horses involved pony club, riding for miles till dark over neighbouring farms and trying her hand at any local shows that came up.

It wasn't until a bad accident as a young adult that Ellie says she was connected with the horse she didn't realise she needed. "Anxious and head shy, she led me on the great journey of personal discovery and horsemanship, says Ellie.

With a toolbox of not settling for less, challenging her beliefs and not being scared to ask, Ellie set about a journey of just saying yes. Ellie has watched and learned from many amazing horsewomen and men in New Zealand, Australia and the USA and says that a special thanks must go to Warwick Schiller for influencing her path with horses.

Today, Ellie lives out her childhood dream of working with horses under Finesse Equestrian Training and Atlas Equine Massager. Ellie also works alongside many people with the 'Working from the Inside Out' Podcast and teaching in clinics and lessons.

Ellie's hidden step of the training scale dives into the relationship we must develop before we can begin training. Ellie will take a look at the different elements she plays within her own work, from mindfulness, questioning beliefs, awareness, the mind-body connection and more.

Key learnings to take away from Ellie's sessions:

  • Come away from this session with a new lens on the hidden step of the training scale, whether you are having problems with your horse or you just want to challenge the way you do things.
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