Ellie O'Brien

Discipline: Foundations for mind and body

Ellie’s love for horses began with spending hours with her family Clydesdale at her grandparent’s farm, and after much begging to her non horsey parents she started riding lessons at six years old. Like many kiwi kids, her early years of horses involved pony club, riding for miles till dark over neighbouring farms and trying her hand at any local shows that came up.

In her teens Ellie focus shifted to show jumping and I was lucky to produce two successful jumpers. In her early twenties Ellie realised years of riding young or difficult horses had become a bit of a passion, and with the help of some great horsemen and women from around the world, a career grew in starting horses, working with problem horses and empowering owners with the tools too through clinics and lessons.

Now days has created an online course teaching owner how to start their own horses, an online training library and members group and a free Trailer Loading Course. A big part of her work focuses on the psychology and the MindBody connection for horse and rider as a foundation for all of our training no matter the discipline. “Many of the problems we see are generally stemming from a disconnection here, so once we rule out physical pain we work towards releasing physical, mental and emotional tension and trauma so we can work from a place of calm and awareness” says Ellie.

In Ellie's presentations she will delve into the mindbody connection as a foundation for all

We can easily forget about developing the fitness of the mind which can create a disconnect to the body. She will look at how to develop these necessary foundations and work towards releasing physical, mental and emotional tension and trauma so we can work from a place of calm, awareness and balance.

Key learnings to take away from Ellie's sessions:

  • An introduction to the MindBody method on the ground 
  • An introduction to the MindBody method in thesaddle
  • Personal development
  • Basic psychology of the horse and human 
  • Mindfulness and awareness 
  • Releasing tension and or trauma 
  • Creating relaxation, rhythm and balance
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