Ellie Harrison

Discipline: Liberty / Horsemanship

Like many equestrians, Ellie grew up with the love of horses from an early age. Although she didn’t own a pony of her own, there were no shortages of riding opportunities and horse exposure at the local stables where her Mum’s horse was kept in the UK. 

Ellie had a love for the problem horse and when she finally moved to NZ in her early 20’s she was introduced to Baby, a horse who could be described back then as a firey anglo arab who had a few issues (Ellie’s perfect horse). It soon became apparent however that although she had a good seat and could ride most horses, she realised she didn’t have the skills to train her new horse and consequently the dream of being able to go on endless adventures was interrupted by Baby’s under confidence.

After spending the night at Muriwai beach when Baby would not load on the float to come home, Ellie decided she needed to learn some more skills and has dedicated the last decade to developing her horsemanship knowledge. Ellie’s horsemanship journey has seen her study with some top horse men and women from all around the world and consequently, she has fused together a unique style of traditional horsemanship with positive reinforcement.

Ellie has an Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science that she incorporates when coaching and working with humans to help them become more confident leaders for their horses. Her unique blend of horsemanship skills allow her to use subtle soft communication to get the most out of the horse. 

Her sessions will cover practical horsemanship such as creating a horse that is confident with float loading even if you don’t have a float to train with. She will also introduce her passion for Liberty and walk you through where to start with it as well as sharing the secrets of having fun with tricks.

Key learnings to take away from Ellie's sessions:

  • How she fuses together the more traditional horsemanship techniques with reward based training and an understanding of how horses learn, to create a confident, motivated horse in all environments.
  • How our energy and body language can be used to influence the horse with subtle communication.
  • She will walk through ways of taking an overall skill such as float loading and how to break it down into smaller more management components to create a confident willing horse.
Ellie Harrison with horse

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