Education at Equifest Christchurch

Equifest is passionate about providing the equine industry with an education-based event, where we come together to learn and share knowledge.

A combination of seminars, clinics and demonstrations will feature as part of Equifest’s educational lineup. Our experts will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines relating to horse care and riding. While opening doors to new disciplines in a fun and interactive way, regardless of discipline or ability.

Equine Health

From veterinary medicine, to massage therapy and understanding biomechanics, learn what's best for your horse's health. 

Riding & Training

Become attuned to behavioural signals to assist you with starting or problem-solving. Ultimately helping both you and your horse have an enjoyable experience. 

Equine Nutrition

Our top nutritionist will share their knowledge to help you to monitor your horse's nutritional needs and ensure that they receive a balanced diet. 

Mindset & Lifestyle

Hear how you can take steps to reach new levels of confidence. Whether you're a total novice, returning rider or competitor; you'll come away inspired. 

Equine Equipment

Learn how to fit the correct saddle to your horse or find the right boots. Workshops will be in our dedicated seminar room.

Advisory Services

Safety, welfare and advisory services relating to the equine industry will feature, offering seminars topics on important aspects of owning a horse. 


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