Christine Stewart

Discipline: Cowboy Dressage demonstration

Christine has been riding since she was a child and started off in Pony Club, competing at a variety of disciplines over the years, such as Eventing, Showing, Western, Round the Ring Jumping, Show Hunter and Dressage.

About fifteen years ago she found the wonderful art of Western Riding and enjoyed the training so much that she deciding that this is what she wanted to do. Christine started with her Dressage horse moving on to her Paint Horse when the Dressage horse retired. Three years ago I came across Cowboy Dressage that combined her love of Dressage with her love of Western horses and this became the perfect fit for Christine. 

Along with her best friend she went on to form the Rotorua Cowboy Dressage Group, offering an alternative to riders that did not want to compete at Western Performance events, but wanted to build a partnership with their horses and follow the principals of riding with a soft feel making the horse the focus with kindness and compassion.

Christine has trained people of all ages and their horses in many disciplines for over thirty years. She has also continued to learn and train under many educators from both here and overseas that she credits for teaching her the skills she uses today.

Key learnings to take away from the Cowboy Dressage Demonstrations:

  • If you are looking to do something that's different that is a lot of fun for you and your horse, Christine encourages you to give Cowboy Dressage a go.
  • You don't have to have a purpose bred western horse to do this, all breeds are welcome.
  • You don't have to have a western saddle, you can ride in English gear.You don't have to know anything about Cowboy Dressage, we will guide you through everything you need to know with the training.
  • This sport is for everyone who loves their horse.

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