Chloe Phillips-Harris

Discipline: Horsemanship, Wild Horses & Eventing

Although it wasn’t always smooth sailing with a series of naughty ponies as a child, Chloe found a love for horses and riding. As a teenager, she competed in showjumping, eventing and dressage and found a love for training and producing horses. "I learnt a lot about horse behaviour and was always fascinated by it when I was working with all types of horses", says Chloe.

After finishing high school Chloe worked in a dressage barn and sat her riding exams in Germany. She went on to focus on Eventing, riding, training and competing up to 4* level. Alongside Eventing, she worked with wild horses here in New Zealand, producing, riding and competition ponies until they became her main focus over the last few years. "I loved the connection and magic that happened when working with them and the partnership you could build with horses that had never interacted with people before", says Chloe. Working with close to 150-200 wild horses over the years she still feels the same magic today as she did the first time.

Throughout her career, Chloe has trained with many top trainers in horsemanship, dressage, jumping and the great Mongolian horsemen and women. She has spent many hours in the saddle observing horses in the wild, as well as led and created some of the most remote expeditions on the planet crossing the Gobi Desert on camels in temperatures below -40c

Chloe has also worked with camels, reindeer, horses and eagles in different parts of the world and competed in the 1000km Mongol Derby in 2013. 

From wild horse to performance horse. Come meet some of New Zealand’s wild horses from the Kaimanawa’s to the Aupouri horses of the far north and watch how they can go from wild horse to performance horse.

Key learnings to take away from Chloe's sessions:

  • 3 different horses, 3 levels of training a chance to see how it’s how it’s done.
  • Come watch and learn how to build a partnership between you and your horse that works through all levels from unhandled wild horses all way to advanced training and performance horse.
Bex Tasker with horse

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