Bex Tasker

Discipline: Positive Horsemanship

Bex founder of ‘Positively Together’ is a teacher of positive horsemanship, dedicated to enhancing compassion, clear communication and cooperation within horse-human partnerships. In her early twenties her world pivoted when an encounter with a positive reinforcement dog trainer ignited a spark. Intrigued by the concept of clicker training, Bex became obsessed with learning everything she could.

Bex went on to study vet nursing and animal behaviour, working with Guide Dogs and training drug-detector dogs for NZ Customs. Inevitably horses returned to her life and Bex’s passion for clicker training reignited. She naturally went on to defy tradition and forge her own path utilising food rewards with horses. 

Shut down or nervous horses blossomed in confidence, and distracted or easily frustrated horses learned to focus and find mental balance. The way the horses became such eager, active participants in their own training process was addictive. Bex has spent 15 years training horses; foals, Kaimanawas; trail and sport horses, all utilising clicker training. 

Bex has helped countless horse owners improve relationships, solve problems and enhance performance by incorporating positive reinforcement into their horsemanship. There are also enormous benefits for the human end of the lead-rope. Those who are anxious or distracted learn to be calm and present in the moment, focusing on what is going well, rather than on their own fears or worries.

Key learnings to take away from Bex's sessions:

  • The science behind how horses learn and how we train them, so that you can move beyond how-to "training recipes" to truly understand how to motivate and clearly communicate with your horse.
  • Why clicker training is such a game-changer - what's the point of difference? Why does it work so well and how to do it well, including resolving and avoiding food anxiety.
  • How to find our horse’s authentic “yes!” – consent and choice-based training
  • How horses communicate with their bodies, and how we can improve relationships, communication and equine welfare by learning to "listen with our eyes".
Bex Tasker with horse

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