Anna Drabble

Discipline: Equine Podiatry

Anna came from a background in horsemanship and training, competition in many disciplines including, dressage, eventing, show jumping, showing and more, but her favourite thing to do was take her horses for adventures in the hills and swimming in the river.

Anna also has a diploma in outdoor recreation, and took a 5 year break from working with horses and worked at the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pusuits Centre, facilitating teamwork, leadership and self development, instructing groups in the mountains, bush, caves, and on the river.

It was her own horses that lead her back to working in the equine industry. "One of them had an issue with girthing up that I just couldn't work through with training. I had several professionals look at him and nothings was found and I was told it was physiological - a training issue" says Anna.

"I came across The Masterson Method researching ways that I could help him. We got amazing results, he became a lovely riding horse and I was hooked on bodywork".

Anna had taken care of her own horse's hooves since she was a teenager, and liked the idea of combining hoofcare and bodywork. She then moved to Australia while to study at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy and train with Jim Masterson at his Australian clinics.

Anna loves helping people to connect with their horses, watching those "ah huh" moments, improving horses comfort and performance. 

Her current focus is glue on composite shoes, I am really excited about the results I see in glue on packages, both for rehab and performance.

Key learnings to take away from Anna's sessions:

  • Barefoot for performance, rehabilitation and soundness
  • If you have been considering transitioning barefoot, but aren’t sure how, or if it will suit your horse and discipline, Anna will be discussing what you need to know for success!
Brian McVicar riding through water

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