Amanda Wilson

Discipline: Show Jumping

Amanda is one of New Zealand’s leading coaches and showjumpers, having competed to World Cup level. She has a passion for starting and producing young horses up the levels and has earned a reputation for her keen eye for a good horse and her gentle yet effective approach in developing horses for top-level competition.

Amanda started riding at two years old and credited older sisters Vicki and Kelly for the huge influence they had on her jumping career, starting at just thirteen years old, on a pony her sisters produced called Nip 'n' Tuck that was purchased for $2000. 

Learning to produce her own ponies to top-level, Showtym Viking first brought Amanda into the public eye by winning the 2010 Show Jumping Pony of the Year, before measuring up to a horse at the height of 149cm and going on to win many Young Rider and Grand Prix classes to 1.50m.  

"After ponies, I thought that I would give up competitive riding, but after moving Viking up to a horse and competing to the highest level including major wins in Young Rider classes, Seven-Year-old classes (including the Horse of the Year title) and Grand Prix classes, I turned it into a profession and have enjoyed great success on many other horses to Grand Prix level," says Amanda.

Each year she teaches hundreds of riders across the country, sharing her in-depth knowledge on the mechanisms of rider position, finding the correct balance in the horse, how to produce happy and sound horses, improve rider confidence and more. For the last five years, Amanda has been studying human trauma, which she has tied strongly to her work with horses and largely influences how she trains today.

Key learnings to take away from Amanda's sessions:

Amanda believes many issues in jumping, or in any equestrian sport, come from mental issues, not physical issues. Amanda takes riders through steps to understand themselves a little better and how understand their horses can make all the difference to reaching success. 

"For me, it has completely changed how I perform and handle pressure and also my ability to read the horse's body language and gauge how they are feeling and what they need from me, says Amanda".

Amanda Wilson and horse

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